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When Should You Start Fertilizing Your Lawn?

One of the best ways for maintaining your lawn on your property is to fertilize it. When your lawn is healthy, it will stimulate the growth of a strong root system and make your lawn the talk of the town. This service will be very useful to stimulate growth during any conditions, such as cold, heat, mowing, drought, foot traffic, and other stresses.

Feeding your lawn with professional fertilizer services on a regular basis will improve the overall condition of your lawn. Different professionals may have their own preferences on when they are going to fertilize their lawns. However, if you are looking for the best time to start fertilizing your lawn, you can consider starting from the beginning of the spring season. 

Hand holding lawn fertilizer

Start in the early spring

If you want to have a strong healthy lawn for the rest of 2021, you may want to start fertilizing it in the early spring. Your grass and other plants will be hungry in the spring because they didn’t get enough food during the winter season. Fertilizing them will strengthen their roots, so they can grow well for the rest of the year. Our formula also feeds them with nutrients for improving strength and resistance against any conditions.

It is highly recommended for you to apply the fertilizer in the beginning of the spring season. We recommend a period between March and April. This is the time when your grass and other plants start to green up. At the beginning of their growth period, they should have enough nutrients for supporting their growth for the rest of the year.

Keep fertilizing in late spring

You should never stop the fertilizing process until the end of the spring season. At the end of the spring season, your grass will be busy growing and use a lot of stored energy. You need to keep all of these plants well-nourished, especially if you want to keep them blooming for the rest of the year.

In the late spring which is around April to June, we can keep fertilizing your Connecticut lawn on your residential or commercial property. This late spring fertilization program is also useful to make your lawn get ready for the summer season. In the summer, most plants are going to require a lot of nutrients to survive in this hot and dry season. Fertilizing your plants at the end of the spring season will help them grow strong roots under the soil for the upcoming fight against the sun.

Between June and August, you can still put fertilizers on your lawn, so your plants can survive against heat and drought. Some essential nutrients for your grass are iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, and also potassium.

Fertilizing Summary

Early and Late spring will always be the best period for you to make your grass ready for the rest of the year. By following all of those tips above, you will be able to keep your grass and plants at their peak performance. They will have a beautiful and healthy look for the rest of the year. It is also a good idea for you to hire a professional garden maintenance service, so they can expertly take care of your lawn.

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