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When it comes to protecting your Fairfield County family, pets, property and yourself from ticks infected with Lyme Disease, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - Joe Neverdousky, co-founder, Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield

Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield provides Tick Control/ Tick Spraying Services to Fairfield County, CT Homes, including these towns: Fairfield, Bridgeport, Black Rock, Easton, Redding, Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Trumbull, CT

Our goal at Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield is to create an environment as inhospitable to ticks as possible while maintaining the type of landscape (tick free) you desire. Spraying property borders, wood lines and heavy traffic areas from deer, during the prime months of tick activity and repopulation will help alleviate the potential health hazards, such as Lyme Disease, that ticks possess.

Our Mission is to help every homeowner in Fairfield County, CT prevent Lyme Disease by educating home owners on the importance of prevention, and spraying for ticks on a regular basis.
We Offer a Complete Professional Tick Control Program. Interested in Tick Spraying and Tick Control in Fairfield County?


Spraying for ticks early in the season sets the stage for the entire tick season by targeting emerging adult ticks questing for a blood meal and laying eggs on your property (each female lays 3,000 and 6,000 eggs).

If you own a home in Fairfield County and are seeking quality and affordable tick control/ tick spraying service, Contact us today to apply your first application.


This application works to target the ticks (nymphs and adults) emerging and questing for a blood meal on your property before they transfer tick-borne disease to your family, friends and pets. Spraying for ticks is the single most effective tick control method we utilize.


This application targets infected ticks that have dropped off host animals Ticks continue to feed on anyone they can attach themselves to, creating a dangerous situation hiding on your property and spreading tick-borne diseases. Spraying for ticks on a regular basis throughout peak tick season is crucial. Fairfield County homeowners: Contact us to develop your custom tick spraying schedule.


Spraying for ticks late in the season is highly recommended as ticks become very aggressive in the fall. Ticks need to feed once more before winter in order to survive until spring.  Spraying for ticks in the fall will greatly reduce next year’s tick infestation.

Where do Ticks live and where do we treat?

Properties that border woods and fields present the most risk. When ticks are detected we will treat:

The first 10-15’ border of grass that meets the woods, plus 10′-20′ into the woods.

  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Low brush (up to 36″)
  • Groundcover in shaded areas
  • Thickly landscaped beds where where appropriate.
  • Rock Walls , Brush & Woodpiles
  • Under porches and sheds.

We’re Fairfield County’s Tick Control Experts:

Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield, CT has been providing professional lawn care to the residents and business owners in Fairfield and its immediate neighbors throughout Fairfield County for over 20 years. We are fully insured and we are licensed by the State of Connecticut to provide Professional Lawn Fertilization and tick control / tick spraying service for your Fairfield County yard as well as our shrubs and ornamental plantings. 

Fairfield County home owners: Neverdousky Brothers will educate you on the importance of tick spraying throughout the season to protect your Fairfield County from perilous disease carrying ticks. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

We provide tick spraying and tick control services to the following towns: 
Fairfield, Bridgeport, Black Rock, Easton, Redding, Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Trumbull

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