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Common Types of Lawns in Connecticut

In Connecticut, there are certain types of grass you will need to grow if you want a full and healthy looking property. You need to choose the best grass that can be suitable for your property and taste. We are going to discuss some popular grasses with good weather resistance for anticipating unpredictable weather patterns. Common grasses can be divided into two main categories, including, warm and cool-season grasses. The cool-season grasses will be able to survive harsh winter weather. The warm-season grasses will be attractive during the summer season. Here are some common grass types of your lawn in the Connecticut area.

a. Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a type of high-quality and sod-forming grass. This grass requires a lot of water because it has shallow roots. It spreads by its rhizome that can allow this grass to repair itself and recover from compression and wear rapidly. This grass has a dark green color with high density and medium texture. One of the best features of this grass is its cold-tolerant feature.

b. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass

It is another recommended grass that you can use on your lawn in the Connecticut area. Zoysia grass can be considered as the warm-season grass in this area. It is very easy for you to identify this grass because it is covered with beautiful stiff hair. This grass can be invasive, so this grass will fulfill all areas of your lawn very quickly. This grass is chosen because it has good resistance against sunlight, extreme temperatures, or water.

c. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Some people love to use this type of grass on their properties. This is a cool-season grass that will germinate very fast. Therefore, it can be a perfect option for you who have new lawns. However, you should avoid mixing this grass with other grasses, so you can avoid this grass from outcompeting the other grasses. The color of this grass is ranging from medium-dark green to the medium-fine blades. Perennial Ryegrass can perform well under tear and wear because it will recover faster than the other turfgrasses.

d. Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue Lawn

This type of grass is suitable for you who live in CT. It is recommended for you to use this grass because of its extreme weather resistance. Tall fescue grass will work very well on your lawn because it can withstand heavy traffic. When it wears or tears, it will recover very quickly. You don’t need to spend a lot of your time and money on improving the overall look of this grass.

e. Bentgrass

bentgrass lawn

This grass is commonly used on many golf courses, athletic fields, and any other residential properties. Bentgrass is chosen because it can create a beautiful and uniform turfgrass when it is mowed properly. Bentgrass should be cut very short at least 1/4 of an inch for offering the best appearance from this grass. When this grass is left to grow tall, the grass will tend to fall over or bend to the random direction. Bentgrass is a needy grass that requires you to give a high level of water and fertilizer.

f. Fine Fescues

Fine fescues lawn

There are some popular fine fescues that you can use for your lawn, for example, hard fescues, sheep fescues, red fescues, and also chewing fescues. All of these grasses are chosen because they have fine leaf texture. Therefore, they can provide good shade when they are planted on your lawn. Most of these fine fescues have good cold tolerance. They will adapt to poor fertility and also poor soil conditions.

Many other popular types of grasses are available on the market today. Don’t forget to take good care of your lawn, so you can grow your grass properly. Lawn fertilization can be used to make your property look nice. This method can be done by a professional spreading fertilizers on your lawn, so they can have the proper nutrients. It is recommended for you to have a professional like Neverdousky Brothers Lawn Care to regularly fertilize your lawn, especially if you want to have a beautiful yard on your property. Call today!

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