Tick Spray on Leg

When Should You Start to Spray for Ticks?

Many lawns have unrecognized tick problems in Connecticut. Our state has an ideal temperature and good accessibility for ticks. If you live in Fairfield County, you may want to consider finding the best treatment for eliminating ticks from your properties before it becomes an issue. You need to eliminate these ticks as soon as possible before they cause a lot of problems pets or loved ones.

One of the best methods for removing ticks from your lawn & garden is by using a professional tick spraying company. This spray will contain all the necessary substances that will kill ticks completely. You can hire us to spray around the perimeter of your home to stop ticks in their tracks before they enter your home. Tick treatment is ideal when it is started in the spring season. Here are some reasons why you should start spraying for ticks this early.

Tick Spray on Leg

Eliminate any adults who survived the winter

Adult deer ticks usually go dormant, especially when the temperature is low in the winter season. They may find shelters in the leaf litter that is located near the warm ground. Once the temperature starts to get warm and the snow melts, these ticks are going to reactivate and start laying their eggs. One adult tick may lay up to 2,000 eggs that will make it difficult for you to control these ticks in the future. Adult ticks will also search for a host because they were unable to find a host during the winter season.

Eliminate eggs that are on the leaf litter

Tick eggs are usually fertilized in the fall season. They are deposited in the leaf litter during the winter and spring season. This is the reason why you may want to treat your yard with tick spray. Professional tick spray can be very useful to eliminate any eggs on the leaf litter. Using this spray will get access to all surfaces of your yard. Eggs have no place to hide, even though they are deposited on the leaf litter. It is recommended for you to use the tick spray from the spring season before the eggs are hatched.

Kill all immature ticks

You need to understand that some immature ticks may grow on your property as well. They are usually called nymphs. They have a very tiny size which is less than 2 mm. It is very difficult for you to see or kill them. These immature ticks will feed during the spring and also the summer months before they can reach their adult period in the fall season. Spraying the tick spray on your yard will eliminate any of these immature ticks.

Protect your family before summer

Spring will be the best time for you who want to eliminate any ticks from your property. Ticks usually start to become active from the middle of the spring season. You may want to cut their life cycle before they can cause any further problems for your family. If you want to protect yourself during the summer, you may want to consider using the best tick spray for eliminating all of these ticks from your property quickly. You can reduce the populations of these ticks significantly.

Prevent them from hatching eggs

This is another good reason why you may want to consider starting your tick spray procedure at the beginning of the spring season. It is highly recommended for you to spray your yard from the beginning of spring until the end of the summer season. This period is the best time for you to prevent these ticks from hatching eggs. Eliminating these eggs before they can lay eggs will help you decrease their population this year very significantly. The main purpose of using the tick spray is to kill any ticks at all stages of their life cycle.

If you have some difficulties in spraying this tick spray to any areas on your property, you can also call a professional tick control company. We have the best service for removing and killing all ticks on your property effectively and quickly.

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