Brown tick on yellow flower

Where on Your Body are Ticks Most Likely to Bite.

A tick is one of the most common insects that will attack people. When you have ticks around your home, office, or outdoor space, you may be prone to tick bites on your body. Ticks usually love thin and soft areas of your skin. These areas should be well-supplied with blood because ticks are going to absorb blood as nutrients for their growth.

Brown tick on yellow flower

Once a ticks bite you, they will transmit Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria to your bloodstream in less than 24 hours. Some people will suffer from painful and irritated skin on the affected areas, while some other people will never notice the bites. Although most tick bites are harmless for human beings, you have to be careful with any bacteria or viruses carried by these ticks.

One of the most common diseases that can be caused by ticks is Lyme disease. It is usually found in deer or black-legged ticks. Some common diseases can be caused by the ticks, for example, Miyamoto, anaplasmosis, and also Powassan disease. Adult ticks are more likely to carry harmful diseases than nymphs.

Once you notice any ticks on your skin, you have to pull off these ticks as soon as possible. The earlier you can pull off these ticks, the lower the risks of getting sick. You can use fine-tipped tweezers for removing ticks from your skin gently. You can eliminate the risks of getting infected by ticks when you remove them from your skin as soon as possible.

Where Are Some Common Areas of Your Skin That Will Be Infected by Ticks?

Different people may have different areas that may be attacked by ticks. Ticks will go and bite the skin on moist and warm skin areas. They usually go into places where people cannot check them very easily. According to the Upstate Medical University’s Tick Testing Program, more than 16% of the tick bites occur in the thigh area. This area is followed by the waist, hip, stomach, groin, upper arm, scalp, upper back, and behind the knee.

In Adults

Generally speaking, tick bites may be found anywhere on the body. When you find any red-colored parts of your body, you may notice tick bites on your skin. All of these red areas will indicate where the tick bites were initiated. In most cases, tick bites can be found anywhere on the entire body. However, there are some areas which are rarely targeted by ticks. They are feet, hands, elbows, and head. There are only a few tick bites that can be found in these areas.

Some common areas are attacked by ticks in adults’ bodies, for example, buttocks, armpits, upper arm, and the back sides of the knees. These areas have an above-average frequency of tick bites in most adults. They have more tick bites than the other areas on the body. You are going to find a lot of tick bites that are going to occur around these areas.

In Children

Many children are suffering from tick bites on their heads. Their head becomes very attractive for many ticks to bite. Head and neck are the most common areas of the tick bites that may occur in many children. Some children also have tick bite issues around their knees, upper arms, armpits, and also buttocks. These areas are very attractive for most ticks because they have high moisture or humidity level.

Get Rid of Those Ticks from Your Home Now

Despite some of these popular areas of your body that are likely to get infected by ticks, these insects may bite your skin in any area. Ticks can bite anywhere they like on your skin. After you spend some time in the outdoor area, you should inspect the whole body for any ticks. When you find any of these ticks, you can remove them immediately. It can be the best time for you to discover and remove these ticks before they can bite you and transfer any bacteria or viruses to your bloodstream.

It is highly recommended for you to avoid tick bites, especially if you want to stay free of any tick-related diseases. You can spray your clothes with pesticide permethrin and also use DEET or other insect repellent products on your skin, so you can get rid of ticks effectively.

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