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The Best Time of Year to Fertilize Your Lawn

If you want to have a beautiful lawn in your property, you need to know how to take care of your lawn. Some procedures can be applied to your lawn, for example, lawn aeration, lawn renovation, lawn seeding, and also lawn fertilization. In this article, we are going to discuss this fertilization process.

We will find out the best times of the year when you can fertilize your lawn effectively. You need to have several phases of fertilization, especially if you want to take good care of your lawn. By completing all of these steps, you can have a gorgeous, vibrant, and lush green lawn that you can enjoy all season.

The Best Period for Fertilizing Your Lawn in Your Home

Early Spring

This is the first step that you need to do for fertilizing your lawn. When you do this first step, your main purpose is to prevent pesky weeds or crabgrass. This first fertilization process can also provide food for your lawn.

It is highly recommended for you to apply this fertilization process anytime between February and April, especially when the temperature is about 80′ F. You can prevent the growth of crabgrass and weeds before they can germinate in the spring season.

Late Spring

At the end of the spring season, you can continue to the next step. It is a good idea for you to continue reducing the growth of weeds around your lawn. This fertilization process is very useful to nourish the grass on your lawn.

The second step of the lawn fertilization procedure is specially designed to stop weeds, dandelions, and crabgrass effectively. This procedure aims to eliminate many broadleaf weeds, for example, dandelions, while nourishing and feeding the lawn. This step is very important to help you build a thick and green turf from the roots.

Early Summer

Once you reach the summer season, you can consider doing another lawn fertilization procedure on your lawn. This period is the best time for you to create a beautiful nice and green weed-free lawn in your property.

You can enjoy a beautiful lawn during the summer season after you do this preparation properly. The application of fertilizer in the summer (especially between June and July) is necessary to strengthen and feed the lawn. You can protect your lawn from drought and high temperatures during the summer season.

Mid Summer

Summer is the most important season of the year because many pests are going to grow rapidly this season. Midsummer is the best time for you to control pesky insects that can destroy your lawn, for example, grubs and any other surface-feeding insects.

It is highly recommended for you to use the grub control application. Don’t forget to use weed control products for reducing the number of weeds on your lawn during the summer season. You can do this fertilization process between July 30 and August 30.

Late Summer

Before you enter the fall season, you can consider doing another fertilization process on your lawn. This fall application is recommended for your lawn because it can help you protect and strengthen your lawn until the next spring.

You can do this fertilization process at least 4 – 6 weeks after your previous application on your lawn. This late summer fertilization procedure can be started from August 30 until September 30. This step is very useful to prepare your lawn, so you can pass the fall season without having any problems.


This is the last chance for you to fertilize your lawn at this current year. You can do a final fall application of weed control and fertilization on your lawn. You can continue the weeding and fertilization process, so you can prepare your lawn for facing the winter month. You need to nourish your lawn with enough nutrients.

fairfield lawn care

There will be no food for your plants and your lawn during the winter season. Therefore, you need to protect and strengthen your lawn until the spring season comes in the next few months. You can also hire the best pest control service during this season, so you can prevent insects from attacking your lawn. You need to ensure that your lawn is in good condition before it reaches the winter season.

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