Lawn Fertilization & Our Process

The key to effective lawn fertilization is finding a lawn care service plan that is uniquely configured to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Ideally, your lawn fertilization plan will help you to achieve a gorgeous, lush, vibrant green lawn that you and your family can enjoy all season.

There are six phases to most lawn fertilization plans, and here at Neverdousky Brothers, LLC, we want to be as transparent as possible in helping to understand what each phase of lawn fertilization is doing to help you toward your goal of a lush, green lawn.

Fairfield County Lawn Fertilization
Fairfield County Lawn Fertilization

Phase 1

Early Spring: February 1 – April 30

The first phase of lawn fertilization aims to prevent pesky weeds and crabgrass while providing nourishing food for the lawn. This first phase should be applied in early spring, preventing weeds and crabgrass before they can germinate. It can also assist in greening up your wintery brown lawn just as the snow is melting away.

Phase 2

Late Spring: April 30 – June 1

The second phase of lawn fertilization continues to hinder the growth of weeds while also nourishing the grass! Applied in the late spring, the second phase aims to kill many broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and is extremely important in building a thick, green turf from the roots up.

Phase 3

Early Summer: June 1 – July 30

The third phase of lawn fertilization is all about helping your weed-free lawn be as green as possible in the early summer months. This phase is recommended to feed and strengthen your lawn, maintain its weed-free status, and protect it against drought or high temperatures.

Phase 4

Mid-Summer: July 30 – August 30

The fourth phase of lawn fertilization is applied to deter pesky insects such as grubs and surface-feeding types. We apply insect and grub control to your lawn to prepare your lawn for the fall months.

Phase 5

Late Summer: August 30 – September 30

The fifth phase of lawn fertilization is applied to feed your lawn for the fall. This application helps to strengthen your lawn and protect it until next spring.

Phase 6

Fall: September 30 – November 30

The sixth phase of lawn fertilization is highly recommended by Neverdousky Brothers, LLC because we think that a final fall application of fertilization and weed control is important to continue the feeding process to make sure your lawn survives the rugged winter months in Connecticut. This final application will ensure that your lawn is strengthened before winter sets in.

Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield is an organization that prides itself in using the highest quality, safest, and most effective products available to professionals, while also paying the highest attention to detail and safety. We do all of this while keeping our prices both competitive and affordable. We work on lawns all across Fairfield County, CT, offering services such as a weekly lawn maintenance, renovation and seeding, shrub and ornamental care, clean-ups, lime application, deer repellent, lawn fertilization programs, and more!

We know that no two lawns are the same, and that is why no two standard lawn plans are alike. Neverdousky Brothers, LLC of Fairfield is here to help decipher your lawn maintenance needs so that you will have a lush, green, and safe lawn that is the envy of your Fairfield County neighborhood! We will gladly visit your property as often as needed to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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Lawn Fertilization programs are offered to Fairfield County, CT Residents: Fairfield, Bridgeport, Black Rock, Easton, Redding, Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Trumbull, and New Canaan, CT.

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