How to Identify Lawn Fertilization Burn in Grass | Fairfield Lawn Fertilization Tips

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About Fertilizer Burn in Grass

Chemical fertilizers are made up of mineral salts. When you over fertilize, the salts build up in the soil and cause a drying effect, which can result in the grass turning yellow or brown and. This process is called “fertilizer burn.”

Fertilizer burn isn’t always fatal, and it’s hard to predict whether or not your lawn will recover. It depends on the amount and type of fertilizer that was applied, the moisture available, and the overall health of the grass. A slightly yellow lawn is likely to recover, while crispy brown grass may not. Recovery of your lawn also depends on how quickly you intervene.

How To Treat Fertilizer Burn in Grass

If you have applied too much fertilizer to your lawn:

  • Remove Fertilizer: If you’ve spilled granular fertilizer or can see it on the ground, grab a broom or wet/dry vac and get up as much as you can before it dissolves into the lawn.
  • Apply Water: As soon as you notice a problem with fertilizer burn, drag out the sprinklers! Water helps to dilute and flush the mineral salts away from the roots of your lawn. On the first day, water until the ground can’t soak in any more. Then water every day for about the next week. Water in the morning to reduce the risk of fungal diseases.
  • Wait and See: At this point, there’s nothing you can do except wait and see if your lawn will recover from fertilizer burn. Unless it’s early spring with plenty of planting time left, I’d wait until the next planting season rolls around (fall for cool-season grasses, spring for warm-season grasses) before replanting. Then overseed thin spots, and sow seed or sod in large dead areas. In the future, be sure to fertilize your lawn very carefully!

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