tick on a flower

Smells that Ticks Hate

Ticks may be anywhere around you at any given time, such as your home, office, library, school, garden, playground, etc. They will carry many types of diseases when they bite you or your loved ones. Therefore, you need to be aware of these insects, especially when you find any of these tick types around you.

One thing to know is that ticks will never come to you accidentally. They usually bite you when they smell something attractive coming from your person. It is important to learn about some smells that ticks love and hate, especially if you want to know how to repel these insects naturally without using any chemical substances on your lawn or property.

When you exhale, you are going to release carbon dioxide into the air. This compound is one of the most common smells that will attract ticks. Ticks are going to find their hosts by sniffing out this carbon dioxide.

Some ticks will also pick up some other scents, for example, ammonia. When you are peeing in the woods, you are going to attract a lot of ticks for coming to you. The ammonia will also come from your sweat. Therefore, ticks will be able to find you as their prey immediately after you enter their areas.

tick on a flower

Some Smell That Ticks Hate


This is an effective plant that you can have in your garden. You will enjoy the beauty of the rich purple color from the lavender as well as their ability to repel ticks. The fragrance or aroma of this plant will repel any ticks in your garden. You can also find some cosmetics that contain a high amount of lavender oil. These skin care products can be applied to your skin before you start exploring the forest or other outdoor areas around you. The aroma of lavender will protect you from tick bites very effectively.


If you are looking for a natural way to repel ticks from your home, you can take a look at this plant. Sage is a perennial herb that can be used as a companion plant in your garden, especially when you want to repel fleas, ticks, and any other insects. This plant has a strong odor which will cause any insects to feel uncomfortable around this plant. You can place this Sage plant in some areas in your home, such as the kitchen, living room, garden, etc. Sage is also safe for your dogs or cats because it doesn’t contain any toxic materials.


Not many people know the benefits of using these plants. Chrysanthemums contain a high amount of pyrethrum. This is a natural pesticide for ticks or fleas. When this substance enters the ticks’ bodies, it will shut down their nervous system. Most ticks will notice the aroma of these flowers immediately. You can plant several types of chrysanthemums with beautiful colors, such as yellow, purple, orange, pink, etc. You can brighten your garden while repelling any ticks from your property effectively by using these flowers.


When you are planning to repel any ticks from your property, you can consider using any eucalyptus oils, for example, citrus oils or peppermint oils. These oils have a strong and pungent aroma which will make any ticks feel uncomfortable. When you have eucalyptus plants in your home, you can reduce the population of ticks around your home very effectively. If you don’t have any eucalyptus plants in your garden, you can also find some essential oils that are made from eucalyptus. You can apply these oils on your skin, so you can prevent any ticks from biting you.


This is another product that you can use, especially when you want to repel any ticks from your home. Many people love having this mint plant in their properties because it smells wonderful. It will drive any insects away, for example, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. The aromatic oil inside the mint leaves will bring a strong aroma to the environment. It is recommended for you to have mint leaves in your garden, especially when you have some tick issues in your home.

All of those products are safe for you and your pets. There is no significant side effect that can be caused by these products. It is recommended for you to use these products, especially if you want to solve any tick issues naturally without causing any negative side effects on your body.

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