Is Tick Spray Safe For Pets?

If you have dogs or cats, you may have some problems with ticks and other insects. These ticks are not only gross, but they are also able to transmit diseases to humans and pets. Therefore, you need to remove these ticks from your home and your pets completely.

Is Tick Spray Safe For Pets?

You can use the best tick spraying method for removing any of these insects quickly. This method is considered as a safe method for eliminating ticks from your pets or your property. However, you need to check the current rules and regulations given by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How do we know that the tick spray is safe for our pets?

Before you select the best tick spray for your pets, you can read the packaging of the spray. You should ensure that the product is registered under government agencies, such as US EPA or US FDA. All products registered by those organizations can be considered safe for humans, the environment, and also animals.

You should never have to worry about getting any negative side effects from these products. These tick sprays can help you eliminate any ticks without causing harmful side effects on your pets or your body.

Common Safe Ingredients Inside a Good Tick Spray

a. Permethrin

It is one of the safest ingredients that you can find in the best tick spray. It is a safe, affordable, and also neutral-smelling pesticide that you can use today. This product can control the growth of any pests around your home. You can use a hose-end sprayer for distributing this chemical to all parts of your home.

You need to spray all of the tick habitats by using this Permethrin. Most ticks have a good ability in sensing the chemical substances, including this Permethrin. They are going to retreat from your home, so you will never have to deal with these insects anymore.

b. Diatomaceous Earth

This is another substance that can be found in some tick sprays. This ingredient is less toxic than any other harmful chemical substances that are available on the market. It is pretty safe for you to use this pesticide around your pet.

It is made from natural substances that can be safe for your body and your pets. However, you should avoid using this ingredient on your pet’s body or face directly. It is recommended for you to spray this ingredient to all areas around your home, especially around the tick habitats.

c. Methoprene and Pyriproxyfen

Both chemicals are commonly used in some popular tick sprays on the market today. They are known as safe insect growth regulators (IGR). They work by restricting the growth of insects, including ticks. When the ticks contact these chemicals, they are unable to continue their reproduction process.

Methoprene also has an additional ability to cause enlarged liver and kidney degeneration in some insects, such as ticks. Both chemical substances are safe for you and your pets. You will never have to worry about getting any negative side effects from using both chemical substances.

d. Botanical essential oils

Some of the best tick spray products are going to use botanical essential oils. These natural products can work pretty well because they are made from natural substances. These products work by disrupting the insects’ ability to function and live normally by blocking the octopamine substance in their bodies.

When the ticks cannot produce the octopamine in their body, they are going to lose their body function and die immediately. These essential oils are safe for your children, pets, and any other members of your family. You can compare all available oils before you select the best one for yourself.

You need to choose the best tick spraying products that are safe for you and your pets. You can find some of these products on the market easily. If you want to accelerate the tick control process in your home, you can also hire the best tick control service around you today.

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