Fairfield Lawn Care Blog: Now is the Time to Reseed your Lawn

Fairfield Lawn Care Blog: When to Reseed your Fairfield County Lawn?

Here in the northeast fall comes fast, we often neglect our landscaping and lawn towards the end of the summer. In the North-east, the best time to reseed your lawn is in the fall.

Why? As Joe Neverdousky of Fairfield Tick Control explains, “in our area the soil is still warm but the air is getting cooler. There are also fewer weeds so that new grass stands a better chance of growing. Another thing most people do not think of is that our trees have lost many of their leaves already so you get more sunlight. And lastly, diseases that attack seedlings are less active around this time which will allow for the reseeding to thrive.

You may ask, what if I cannot seed in the fall? “If you can’t seed in the fall, your next best time is the spring.” While spring is acceptable Fall is really the optimal time to consider slice seeding and reseeding. There are many methods for reseeding a lawn, Slice Seeding, Overseeding, Slit Seeding and many more.

Fairfield Lawn Care experts, Neverdousky Brothers https://fairfieldtickcontrol.com/ see the benefits from slice seeding in the Fairfield County Area lawns. Slice seeding is a great way to revive your lawn and bring back the luster and thickness it should have. For more tips and helpful hints on seeding and how to reseed appropriately check out Scotts here, https://www.scotts.com/en-us/library/grass-grass-seed/how-when-reseed-lawn-grass.

What is Slice seeding? Slice seeding begins with a slice seeder machine that slices into the soil with steel blades creating a long narrow trench. Then it drops the grass seed into the long narrow trench. This places the seeds directly and firmly in contact with the soil, as to just spreading seeds onto your lawn. All of this helps to promote a faster result for your lawn and creates a rich and thick look and feel for your lawn.

Whether you are unsure which method will work for you or simply want to learn more about how you improve your lawn through reseeding and slice seeding call Fairfield Lawn Care experts at Neverdousky Brothers, LLC/ Fairfield Tick Control. Our experts have been in business for over 20 years and know what your  Fairfield lawn needs to succeed!

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